Russel Schmidt

Russel Schmidt

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Russel Schmidt was born and raised in the British Columbia lower mainland, but he and his wife and their two children have called Edmonton home for many years. Russel helped put himself through university as a flower waterer in Langley, B.C.  That background should not be taken to define him, though. He moved regularly between the flowers and the boxing ring, a sport which he greatly enjoys. His varied career choices then are mirrored by the variety in his legal practice areas today.
Russel has several years’ experience as criminal defence counsel. He decided to move into family law after a number of his criminal cases had cross-over implications for family law - emergency protection orders, domestic violence cases, family assault charges, peace bonds – he felt a calling to help clients in these most extreme kinds of family law situations to reach a resolution instead seeing them spin for years in endlessly unproductive court processes which lead to irreparably broken families.

Russel is at ease in a courtroom. He is also in the process of taking the training needed to become a Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer. Russel knows from long experience that many agreements in these very tough cases are reached on the courthouse steps.  He has the necessary negotiation training and skills to reach those agreements, in addition to having the litigation background to have a Judge decide matters which do not settle.

Russel is a gentle and caring Dad, a pugilist when needed, and knows how to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

Areas of Practice

  • Family