Assisting Married Couples With Dividing Property

Houses, cottages, savings, debts, loans, paintings, cars, family heirlooms - dividing any of these assets can be a cumbersome task. Some parties may just want their "half", while others may fight to keep ownership of a particular asset.

Whatever outcome you want to achieve, Long Family Law Group LLP will help you identify the legal options at your disposal. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our legal team will help you determine what's important to you, what's reasonable within the law, and how to keep a level head when faced with challenging discussions.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, we assist you to determine:

  • Property values by obtaining financial disclosure;
  • What property is considered divisible under Alberta legislation;
  • What is defined as non-divisible "exempt" property;
  • How to address changes in value of "exempt" property;
  • What disclosure is required before property can be divided;
  • What options can be developed to deal with complex assets such as pensions, family businesses, corporate shareholdings, assets outside of Alberta etc.

Dividing The Matrimonial Home

We know that dividing a life can be harder than just crunching numbers. Memories, lifestyle changes and stability are all factors that can complicate the issue.

We know how important a matrimonial home can be for a family, so we make every effort to help you and your former partner arrive at a solution that allows both of you to move forward after a divorce. Whether that's selling the property, allowing one spouse to keep it, or finding another alternative, we make sure the solution is specifically suited to meet your needs.

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