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The three divorces

In my meetings with divorce and common law separation clients, regardless of whether I am dealing with their matters through negotiation, as a mediator, as their collaborative lawyer and even in litigation, I observe that there are typically many divorces occurring at the same time for any one family experiencing separation. 

Child Support and Guideline Incomes

At one time getting child support paid involved a game of chase through the courts with an uncertain payoff, often costing more in legal fees than the ultimate result obtained. While Champ seems to be satisfied with the prey he has caught in the photo above, that was not true for the vast majority of parents who had to use the courts to chase what they needed to meet their children's basic needs. 

The "Long" view of parenting..

As a family lawyer I help clients find resources to guide them in co-parenting their children after divorce. In Alberta the Parenting After Separation course should be the first stop for parents, even before seeking legal advice. In my interviews with clients with children I tell them that attendance at the course will prevent them spending money on legal fees for me to inform them about issues that are covered in the free course. And of course, it will help them keep focussed on their children ahead of their conflict. 

A "legal" separation in Alberta

A "legal separation"...

This is one of the most frequently requested services by incoming clients or individuals seeking information to help them move forward with a separation. They have been led to believe that they need to do something to make their separation "legal". And they want me to help by signing off on something they cobbled together from the internet.

Family Arbitration

Family Arbitration of specified issues can save parties from incurring the expense of contested court proceedings. Parties obtain a private and confidential determination of specified issues which have been remitted to the Arbitrator for decision. 

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