Legal services have been designated an “essential service” by the Alberta Government and accordingly Long Family Law Group LLP remains available to assist clients with their needs during this health crisis, operating on a modified business basis, and meeting by Zoom, Skype, Face Time or Messenger wherever possible. We have enhanced hygiene protocols in place for times when in person attendance at the firm is necessary. We will ask you not to attend if you have been traveling or have been exposed to anyone infected with the virus. Much can be done remotely, including mediation, arbitration, negotiations etc. and we are set up to do so.

In addition to the in-office steps that we are taking to protect everyone’s health, we are also offering online mediation and arbitration services, delivered via Zoom, to address issues that may arise for you or your family during this unique time. To learn more, please click here to contact us or contact us by telephone at


Edmonton Family Law Blog

Divorce and the division of digital assets

Divorcing couples or those seeking separation must carefully evaluate their assets and debts when navigating the process of property division. Assets can run the gamut from homes and vehicles to a family business and prized collections. With technological...

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What is a separation agreement?

It is not uncommon for couples in Alberta to choose to separate rather than follow the path of traditional divorce. While the decision ultimately comes down to personal preference, a couple can choose separation for financial, medical, religious or other reasons. When...

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Dividing property in a divorce or separation

Even a short marriage can lead to the accumulation of both assets and debts. Both partners in a relationship bring financial goals, needs and desires. Unfortunately, when divorce becomes a reality, the partners must work to ensure things are split accurately and...

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What is collaborative divorce?

While the popular media likes to portray a divorce as an adversarial affair for dramatic effect, the truth is that in many instances, the dissolution proceeds in a calm, professional manner. It is not uncommon for couples to simply grow apart - whether it is the...

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Second marriages: What you need to know

A second marriage may allow you to do things differently, or move on from something in your past. Second marriages are generally happy occasions for most people. However, sometimes people forget to review some very important details before walking down the aisle a...

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Communication between parents after a divorce

If you have young children at the time of a divorce, it’s possible you may be interacting with your ex for years to come. Generally speaking, as long as it’s in a child’s best interests, courts favour parenting plans that allow a child to develop a...

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The three divorces

In my meetings with divorce and common law separation clients, regardless of whether I am dealing with their matters through negotiation, as a mediator, as their collaborative lawyer and even in litigation, I observe that there are typically many divorces occurring at...

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