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In addition to the in-office steps that we are taking to protect everyone’s health, we are also offering online mediation and arbitration services, delivered via Zoom, to address issues that may arise for you or your family during this unique time. To learn more, please click here to contact us or contact us by telephone at


June 2020 Archives

What happens when a divorcing couple owns a business?

Individuals will spend years, even decades, planning, building, growing and maintaining a business. Whether it is a corner shop or an enormous, multi-layered organization it takes dedication and skill to create and manage a successful company. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a married couple to form and run a business together. Even if the partnership is not explicitly stated in the operational bylaws, both individuals in the relationship might provide valuable insight that must be recognized when the marriage is at an end.

The hidden financial challenges of grey divorce

More and more couples are seeking divorce later in life. This trend is being called “grey divorce” and tends to include a difference set of challenges than those faced by a couple’s younger counterparts. While these aren’t universal truths, an older couple is more likely to have adult children – so there is no reason for disputes centering on child support, child custody or parenting schedules. This can make portions of the divorce process smoother and less acrimonious.

Dividing property in a divorce or separation

Even a short marriage can lead to the accumulation of both assets and debts. Both partners in a relationship bring financial goals, needs and desires. Unfortunately, when divorce becomes a reality, the partners must work to ensure things are split accurately and fairly.

What is collaborative divorce?

While the popular media likes to portray a divorce as an adversarial affair for dramatic effect, the truth is that in many instances, the dissolution proceeds in a calm, professional manner. It is not uncommon for couples to simply grow apart - whether it is the result of changing professional goals or evolving personality traits. In these situations, couples might choose to seek a collaborative divorce.

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