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Determining Reasonable Child Support And Spousal Support Payments

The breakdown of a relationship can create new financial struggles for you and your family. Your new reality is two homes, not one, with the added expenses that entails. This can be further complicated when one partner is financially dependant on the other – especially when raising children.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, our lawyers are dedicated to helping you move forward financially after a divorce or separation. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we evaluate you and your partner’s financial situations to advise you about:

  • Child support ranges; or
  • Spousal support eligibility, amount, and duration

Child Support Payments

Children generally have an automatic right to financial support from both parents. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the calculations, such as:

  • Sources of income (T4 income, corporate income, self-employment income etc.);
  • Earning capacity; and
  • Special or extraordinary expenses.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, our goal is to provide you with legal advice to help you meet the best interests of your children. The first step is to obtain financial disclosure. Then we can help you to evaluate potential claims you may have or be facing.

Spousal Support Payments

In Hollywood the term “alimony” may be used. In Canada it is called spousal support.

Unlike child support, spouses are not automatically entitled to support payments from the other. If you are asked to pay spousal support, or if you feel you should receive spousal support, we will assess the financial disadvantages resulting from the breakdown of your relationship and how they may impact any possible claims.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, our lawyers have extensive experience in analyzing the impact a separation can have on your finances. Our legal team will develop a customized legal strategy while aiming for a reasonable support outcome.

How Will Support Payments Affect You?

Contact Long Family Law Group LLP and learn more about how child support or spousal support payments may affect your finances. Arrange a consultation by sending us an email or call 780-461-8416.

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