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Resolving Family Law Issues For Business Owners

As you begin to divide your assets following separation, your business affairs will be a difficult factor to address. For many business owners, this raises a concern, as it may impact ongoing business operations as well as complicate property and support negotiations.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, our family lawyers will help you understand how corporate and business finances can affect family law proceedings. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we advise clients on how their business issues will impact family law matters.

Business Valuation

It can be complicated to assess how a business factors into separation proceedings. For example, if one or both spouses owned or operated a business during the relationship, what rights do each spouse have to any value accumulated during the relationship – and how is the value determined? Our lawyers can help you to understand how the courts deal with these questions.

Ownership and value are not the only considerations. Operating a business will complicate the determination of appropriate child support or spousal support calculations. Our legal team can help you with this.

A Practical Approach To Resolving Matters

At Long Family Law Group LLP, we approach each situation from a people first perspective. We offer legal solutions that make sense from a practical standpoint – making sure settlement offers are reasonable, take into account your financial situation, and helping you to protect the interests of any children involved.

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