Legal services have been designated an “essential service” by the Alberta Government and accordingly Long Family Law Group LLP remains available to assist clients with their needs during this health crisis, operating on a modified business basis, and meeting by Zoom, Skype, Face Time or Messenger wherever possible. We have enhanced hygiene protocols in place for times when in person attendance at the firm is necessary. We will ask you not to attend if you have been traveling or have been exposed to anyone infected with the virus. Much can be done remotely, including mediation, arbitration, negotiations etc. and we are set up to do so.

In addition to the in-office steps that we are taking to protect everyone’s health, we are also offering online mediation and arbitration services, delivered via Zoom, to address issues that may arise for you or your family during this unique time. To learn more, please click here to contact us or contact us by telephone at

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Marriage or Relationship Ending? Proceed With Confidence — Get Customized Legal Advice

Not sure if you can keep the family car? Or use vacation properties? Need to protect your investments and retirement plans? Long Family Law Group LLP can provide you with answers to divorce and separation issues.

See The Big Picture. Make Informed Decisions.

How will you move forward after a divorce or separation? Long Family Law Group LLP family lawyers can show you how different legal solutions can target what you need to move on after ending a relationship.

Our goal is to help you resolve issues related to child custody, child and spousal support, and property division through:


55 Years Of Combined Experience:

You’ll receive skilled negotiation strategies and mediation alternatives. Our legal separation lawyers will also support your position at trial, if necessary.

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Identify the key issues in your case. Understand your legal options. Proceed with confidence.

Meet The Champ Team:

Our office pets sometimes help alleviate the emotional difficulties that come with talking about the end of your relationship.
Alberta laws treat married couples and common-law couples differently. Our firm offers representation for both relationship types. We ensure that you understand what your rights are, and how you can pursue them through a settlement, mediation or in court.

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Protect what’s important to you. Get the answers you need to help you move forward after the end of a relationship. Arrange a meeting to discuss your case and your legal options.

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