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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law (CFL) is a negotiation process used to reach resolution of family law issues through settlement instead of going to court. During the process, specially trained lawyers are retained by the parties for the purpose of settlement only. Both lawyers focus on problem solving, rather than acting as combatants. This is a private and confidential process, unlike the public and adversarial court system.

Often, when a marriage dissolves, one of the most overwhelming feelings a person has is that of loss of control. The most important factor of the CFL process is that parties agree to work out the matters important to them in ways which take into account their interests without going to court.

CFL meetings are conducted in lawyer conference rooms. All conversations are confidential as set out in the formal Participation Agreement which lawyers and clients sign to start the process. They agree to opt out of contested court proceedings or using threats of court to reach resolution. Minutes of meetings are prepared which contain the topics and agreements discussed during each meeting.

Collaborative Family Law is based on a shared commitment and agreement to seek a better way to resolve differences justly and equitably. It is based on the belief that it is in everyone’s best interests to resolve issues through negotiation. The goal of this process is to reduce the negative economic, social and emotional consequences of Court battles for the parties and their families. The process relies on an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, integrity and professionalism geared toward the future well-being of the family, disrupting your family relationships as little as possible during your divorce.

Collaborative Family Law allows both of you to discuss and resolve issues important to you through settlement discussions where both of you and your lawyers are present. This is accomplished through structured settlement negotiations with a full exchange of financial information, complete confidentiality outside of the process, and the opportunity for each of you to have a very active role in the resolution of your own issues. You come up with your own solutions to address your issues. Participants and their lawyers sign a Participation Agreement which sets out the process, including the agreement not to go to Court using the same Collaborative Family lawyers.

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