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Danijela Michielsen

Client Support Manager

When Danijela came to Canada in 2007 from Croatia, she had no idea she would soon play a key role in supporting the clients of Long Family Law Group LLP, but that is where life’s journey has led her. Her kind, organized and professional demeanor has been a blessing to our team and our clients from the day she joined us in 2008.

Danijela’s diverse background gives her a deep understanding of the many human needs that our clients present. For her first career she obtained a Diploma in esthetics in Zagreb, Croatia, where she had the opportunity to hone her customer service skills and attention to detail. She later went on to work in a marketing capacity, gaining important skills in client- focused management. Danijela has also taken training for legal support staff along with in- depth safety training in handling motorcycles. She has wide-ranging interests!

Danijela is the first point of contact when a client or prospective client connects with our firm, electronically or in person. She will take meticulous care of your file, ensuring it is well organized and up-to-date. She takes the time to get things right.

Danijela is a proud mother to Michelle and dog-mother to her Italian Greyhound, Casper, and in her spare time enjoys challenging distance motorcycle travel records with her partner, Kieth, gardening and maintaining the firm’s extensive ‘urban jungle’.

As the firm’s “Client Support Manager”, Danijela has expanded her skill set to include extensive mediation training in May 2015 in hopes of one day becoming a registered mediator. She continues to be energetic and committed to ensuring that Long Family Law Group LLP’s clients receive excellent support during the tough times that bring them to the firm.

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