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Drafting An Effective Separation Agreement

Parenting responsibilities, deciding on spousal support, dividing debts, accounts and property – these can all be frustrating points of contention between parties going through a divorce. Instead of a judge deciding these matters for you in court, you and your former partner can decide for yourselves through a separation agreement what outcomes are the best.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, our family lawyers are dedicated to assisting you with negotiating and drafting an effective, reasonable separation agreement based on your input and that you understand. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, our legal team will make sure your agreement:

  • Complies with current Alberta legislation and case law;
  • Is enforceable; and
  • Protects your interests.

Focus On Solutions, Not Arguments

Our lawyers will help you resolve any disputes you have with your partner about the division of your assets and parenting arrangements for your children. We can help you use different resolution techniques, such as mediation and collaborative family law, to help you see through the emotional noise and focus on the results you wish to see following the end of your relationship.

A Realistic Assessment Of Your Choices

Our law firm prides itself on providing you with an objective discussion about your needs, and determining with you what options will work best for you. Sometimes, what you thought you needed isn’t what you end up choosing. You may not have considered a range of legal options which may work out better for you.

Our goal is to help you move forward in a positive direction during or following a divorce or separation, with open discussions about your separation.

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