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How Can I Resolve My Family Law Disputes?

There is no “one-answer-fits-all” approach to resolving family law issues. Every relationship is different. Every set of circumstances are different. What works well for one family may not suit another.

Time, Money And Efficiency

Litigation is not always the best move for everyone. It can be effective in certain situations, but it can also be inefficient, time-consuming and expensive – not to mention the very real strain it puts on those involved, especially the children. Different issues require different solutions. Your specific goals may be best suited to alternative forms of resolution, which allow you more control over the outcomes instead of relying on a judge to make decisions for you. Keep in mind that a judge does not know you or your family – you do.

Different ways to resolve family law issues include:

  • Negotiated Settlements: this means allowing your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf to divide your assets, arrange custody, parenting, child support and spousal support.
  • Mediationa facilitated conversation with a mediator who helps you speak directly with the other party. This approach allows you to hear the other person’s perspective. Understanding each other’s point of view can help you reach an agreement that satisfies you both. Even if you are not able to resolve all of your issues through mediation, it can narrow down the issues left for other processes.
  • Collaborative Family Law: a commitment to resolve your matter outside of court. Lawyers, experts and industry professionals help you make decisions that work for you. Together, we can craft parenting plans that address the specific needs of your children, resolve difficult property and support matters. We review the calculations and assessments needed to determine a distribution of assets, including complex assets such as business shares and diverse financial portfolios, and any other special or extraordinary circumstances.
  • Court: if the other party is making unreasonable demands, or if you and your partner cannot reach an agreement through mediation, then heading to court may become necessary. Our legal team has extensive family law litigation experience, and can provide clients with solid, effective strategies to support their positions in court.

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