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Guiding You Through An Uncontested Divorce

The benefit of an uncontested divorce is that you can avoid contested court proceedings to finalize the divorce. However, you want to make sure that your agreement protects your interests, both in the present and the future, and in particular that you resolve your property matters, before filing your divorce papers with the court.

At Long Family Law Group LLP, our goal is to help separated clients move forward with a divorce and property resolution that suits their needs. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we will review the terms of your separation agreement and help you resolve any shortcomings or pitfalls before we submit your paperwork to the Court.

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Uncontested Divorces

Many people believe that when they decide to separate or divorce and have no major conflicts dividing their assets, that they can push forward without any issues.

The reality is, when a client comes into our office with a proposed separation agreement, there are often issues that need to be ironed out to save them headaches, time and money in the future. Often counsel can identify issues that you have not considered which will save you from fixing errors at a later date. What you don’t know might hurt you. Get advice. Be informed.

In addition, you want to make sure that what you agreed to is lawful and enforceable.

Avoiding The Adversarial Process

At Long Family Law Group LLP, we use our many years of family law, mediation, and litigation experience to help keep your divorce moving forward.

If there are issues that arise when you want to file an uncontested divorce, our legal team is dedicated to helping you resolve them quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We will utilize our negotiation skills to help you work with your former partner to resolve your issues and avoid contested court proceedings.

Call Our Legal Team For More Information

Have questions about filing your uncontested divorce with the courts? You can arrange a consultation with Long Family Law Group LLP by sending us an email online. You can also reach us by calling 780-461-8416.

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