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Michelle Strong


Michelle has been our vibrant and diligent receptionist at Long Family Law since January 2023. Beyond her role at the front desk, Michelle has demonstrated her versatility by stepping in as a temporary fill-in legal assistant when needed, showcasing her adaptability and problem-solving skills. Her welcoming demeanor and kindness make her an integral part of the office environment.

Outside of the legal realm, Michelle is an avid camper, finding solace in the great outdoors. Her creative side shines through in her passion for painting and baking, activities that allow her to express herself and unwind. A devoted Harry Potter fan, Michelle enjoys immersing herself in the pages of the Wizarding World.

Michelle is thrilled to be in a job that allows her to explore a variety of different skill sets and contribute to the firm’s success. Michelle’s commitment to her work and her diverse interests make her not just a valuable member of the Long Family Law team but also a dynamic individual contributing positively to both her professional and personal spheres.

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