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Meet the Canine Team


Danijela’s little buddy, Casper, is an Italian Greyhound who looks like a tiny version of Risk and Gamble, the whippet team.  Casper may only be 10 inches tall, but in his mind he is a Prince! Casper comes to work mostly to support Danijela, who finds it hard to be overwhelmed by the very tough work she handles all day when Casper prances about her office, stands on his hind legs and twirls for treats! His job is to make the folks at the office smile, and to make sure that his Mom is able to give 100% of her kind nature to the needs of firm clients going through a tough time. 


Gamble is named because Mom thought she was taking a gamble getting another puppy after the ordeal his sister, Risk, put her through. (More on that in Risk’s bio!) Gamble is a chill natured boy who loves to be shown off at dog shows in his spare time, when he is not accompanying mom to work and enthusiastically greeting clients and his work team.  He has an ego wall of show prize ribbons and awards at home, even though he is still a pup.  Gamble looks forward to a long career of weekend road trips to dog shows. Weekdays he mostly lounges at mom’s feet at the office, though.


Meanwhile, across the hall, Maui, the Chihuahua, has called Bruce and Denise her home family since they rescued her as a young accident survivor.  Maui loves having a large work family to charm every day. After losing her left hind leg in the accident, she manages quite happily on three, moving with such energy and joy that she appears to be jumping on a pogo stick as she bounces down the hall. Later on she may need a set of back wheels, when her bouncy hip wears out, but for now she is a smiley little Chihuahua who loves to greet folks.


Risk, the whippet, turned six recently. As a pup she enjoyed dining on pairs of glasses, flower bouquets, part of Mom’s shawl, mom’s paycheque, and tempting selections from the spider plant in her office. At six she mostly stays home with Dad while Gamble goes to the office.  There is way too much friendly competition between Risk and Gamble to have them both in mom’s office at one time!

We hope to see you at Long Family Law Group LLP in the future if you need some help with a ruff family law problem. Delivering all the law that families need is our human team’s mission.  As the canine support paws of the firm, we are proud to support our team in client service.   

Bye for now, 

Casper, Maui, Gamble and Risk

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