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Meet the Champ Team

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Meet the Champ Team


Hi, I’m Champ, the divorce dog. Ever since I was a little guy eleven years ago, I’ve always had a nose for people who are hurting. Although I do enjoy athletic activities, nibbling stuffed animals, receiving doggie treats and sleeping, my primary work at Long Family Law Group LLP is comforting people. My team works very hard, and I see how much they care about helping people. I keep them in shape by chasing my football, and giving snuzzles when they ask for them. After many years as an only dog, these days I have a whole other dog family to keep me company at work. Let me introduce them all to you….!


My little buddy, Casper, is an italian greyhound who looks just like a really tiny me. Casper may only be 10 inches tall, but trust me, in his mind he is a Prince! His Mom is Danijela and he comes to work mostly to support her, and to visit clients before meetings. Casper’s Mom finds it hard to be overwhelmed by the very tough work she handles all day when Casper prances about her office, stands on his hind legs and twirls for treats! His job is to make the folks at the office smile, and to make sure that his Mom is able to give 100% of her kind nature to the needs of firm clients going through a tough time. Casper also loves to play “dash around the office” with me, Risk and Maui on Friday afternoons after the office closes. Zena isn’t in on Fridays so she misses out on the fun, poor girl!

Zena & Conan

Zena and Conan are jack russell/terrier cross pups. They are quiet little things – until human visitors forget to provide the expected tummy rub from everyone who stops by Mom- office manager – Des’s, office. Then, in keeping with their warrior namesakes, they politely command visitors to correct the situation. Immediately. They may be only half of Casper’s 10 inch size, but all 5 inches of them look the offending person in the eye, and commandingly flop down for the beloved belly rub. Once delivered, only then may visitors speak with Mom, Des. Zena and Conan share their office with, Fred, the Bristle Nosed Plecostomus, and his progeny, Pebble. Fred and his ex-mate, Wilma, have been separated since they kept making little Pebbles and ran out of room in their tank. Des had to take Fred’s mate, Wilma, to a new home.


Meanwhile, across the hall, Maui, the chihuahua, has called Bruce and Denise her home family since they rescued her as a young accident survivor. Maui loves having a large work family to charm every day. After losing her left hind leg in the accident, she manages quite happily on three, moving with such energy and joy that she appears to be jumping on a pogo stick as she bounces down the hall. Later on she may need a set of back wheels, when her bouncy hip wears out, but for now she is a smiley little chihuahua who loves to greet folks. She is one of my best pals.


Risk, the whippet, my bratty little sister, is two now. In the last while she has only eaten one pair of glasses, a cattail from a bouquet, part of Mom’s shawl, and tempting selections from the spider plant in her office. At two she is starting to grow up and eat only what she is supposed to – but, after she ate Mom’s paycheque out of her purse, not enough for Mom to leave her loose to prowl the office – or the back yard at home. Risk reclines in a large custom kennel when Mom is working, much to my delight, and Risk’s chagrin. As top dog in the firm, I have earned the right to recline where I like. I still have my nose for people who are hurting, though, and I am regularly invited into conference rooms to say hi. Risk has yet to earn that privilege! No Hi Risk for her! Ha Ha!
We hope to see you at Long Family Law Group LLP in the future if you need some help with a ruff family law problem. Family law is all my human team has ever done. I am proud to be part of their team along with the rest of my canine family at the firm.

Bye for now,

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